I was thrilled that my novel, “Back In Six Weeks” won first place in both the “Fiction-Romance” and “Women’s Studies” categories at the recent Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association EVVY Awards. After meeting and hearing the stories of so many other women who experienced postpartum psychosis or some other perinatal mood disorder, I’m thrilled that my marriage has survived 41 years including a very difficult year after the birth of our second son. 

My husband says that he would have done anything to help me during the time that I spent in the mental hospital, and the weeks and months afterward when I was emotionally shattered, physically depressed, and overweight from the anti-psychotic medications. But he hung in there and did little things – like buying me new clothes and planting roses to cheer me. Over time we both healed.  

Over the years we both have learned to accept each others flaws and to work at keeping the romance alive. Here’s a few romantic suggestions:

  • Have a “date night” at least once a week, even if it’s only wine and a movie 
  • Take at least one vacation without the kids every year
  • Make your sweetheart’s favorite meal, especially if he’s feeling low
  • Even if you’re angry, have a little “snuggle time” every night
  • Surprise your love with flowers, a card, or even a personally-penned poem

Romance doesn’t last 10, 20, 40, or even 50+ years without a lot of patience, dedication and commitment to keeping it alive. Share your favorite romance tip in the comments!  

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